About Me

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I'm a biomedical engineer by day and astrophotographer by night. I was born and raised in Italy, but I now work and live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have access to a couple of setups to produce my images. One is permanently mounted at Sierra Remote Observatories, the other one is a mobile setup that I use  on new moon weekends when I take the opportunity to travel to dark sky sites.

If you are an astrophotographer and you are interested in collaborations, or simply have technical questions, feel free to ping me using the contact form above.

If you are simply a visitor who enjoys to look at pretty pictures of the sky, well then enjoy the galleries on the website!

If you would like to obtain printed copies of any of the pictures, just get in touch with me and we can figure something out. I do print high quality copies using a large format top-of-the-line printer in formats ranging from postcard size (4"x6")  up to wide poster size (13" x 38").

I only use the highest grade paper (from "Red River") on a fully color-calibrated system.

  • AP gear in the field
  • Setup at GSSP 2013
  • Setup at GSSP 2013
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